Per Hammar

Per Hammar, or his real name Erik Årman Assargård, was born in Helsingborg, in the south of Sweden 1987. At the age of 6, his grandpa gave him a toy Yamaha keyboard in birthday present. He learned all the functions on the little synth, but started to play guitar instead. When Erik was 13 he got bored on the guitar and discovered retro video game music, like nintendo and gameboy tunes. Other electronic music that he liked, Aphex twin, Felix the Housecat and Roni Size made him search for other genres, and he ended up listening to a lot of Drum’n’Bass and Breaks.

At this point, his interest for music grew into something larger. In Cubase, he recorded simple melodies on his old toy synth, together with a Roland R8 drum machine.

Since Erik still went to school, he spent his evenings and weekends recording. He was still too young to attend clubs, so at the age of 15 he got his first DJ-gig at the local youth club. He started to play more and after some time he started to make a name for himself in Helsingborg.

2006 he moved to Malmö, the most southern city in Sweden, and builded his own studio in he and his girlfriend’s living room. The electronic music scene in Malmö was way more inspiring then his old hometowns. The climate made him put even more time into music. At this point he was working as a courier driver three days a week, and producing techno and house music and doing DJ shows the other four. He was now using Propellerhead’s program Reason 3.0 for his productions and his first release came 2008 on a very small dutch label. The release ended up with a gig on Amsterdam Dance Event the same year.

A couple of years, releases and shows later he met the Malmö producer Patrick Siech for the first time, and made a remix for Söllscher and Siech’s “Chants” on D-unity’s label Beat Theraphy Records. At the same time he got signed to Great Stuff Recordings, where he released his track “Bang” in the early 2010. “Bang” ended up as a huge hit, gaining attention from many of the worlds elite DJ’s including Umek, Kaiserdisco, DJ Madskillz, Spektre, Saeed Younan and Wally Lopez. The track gained numerous licenses and stayed in the Beatport tech-house top 10 for a number of weeks.

Two month later, in March, he did his first tour with his friends in the swedish band Slagsmålsklubben. The “Live after Death Tour” contained 15 gigs in Sweden, Norway, The Netherlands, Belgium and Germany.

In the summer 2010 he quitted his delivery job and founded “Kuben” (The Cube), a 5 square meter small studio, together with Patrick Siech and Gustav Söllscher. The first release that leaved the new studio was “El Salvador/Tundra EP” for Mija Recordings. Both tracks received positive feedback from trusted DJ’s worldwide. Gregor Tresher played “El Salvador” in his radio show for Drumcode and after a few days it entered Beatport’s Tech-House chart.

Erik and Patrick was spending a lot of time in their studio. And in December 2010 they released their piano piece “The Grand” on the new founded label “Natura Viva”. Just three weeks later, Gregor Tresher signed “Patrick Siech & Per Hammar – Dome/Hot Mess EP” on his own imprint “Break New Soil”. The tracks gained support from Adam Beyer, John Acquaviva, Stephan Bodzin and Monika Kruse to name a few.

About the same time, Erik was invited to be a resident DJ on Malmö’s biggest club for Techno and Tech-House, Versus. He did warm up sets for Style of Eye, Anja Schneider and a resident night. After three parties, the owners of the club asked him if he wanted to take over the club.

So just a couple of weeks after the start of 2011 he was hired as an organizer, booker and DJ on Versus at the venue called “Babel” in Malmö. He renamed the club to “Kiloton” and at the opening night he invited the germans from Andhim, that made him a remix earlier 2010. The opening night was a great success and he is now organizing parties and playing with Kaiserdisco, Claude vonStroke, Kabale und Liebe, Gregor Tresher, Jay Lumen, DJ Madskillz, Mihai Popoviciu, Andhim and ONNO.

In March 2011, Erik, Patrick and Gustav founded their new studio, Valvet (the vault), in an old bicycle basement in the south parts of Malmö, where a mutual friend builded a studio in 2003. There where still an empty room left, so they decided to renovate it from the beginning and move their equipment from Kuben.

In August 2011 it was once again time for a release for Mija Recordings. Longo/Stay Black EP was released included two remixes, with support from the worlds DJ elite.

Bang This (Original Mix)