KitSch 2.0

« KitSch 2.0. » is the association of 2 young DJ producers , both fond of music, who started mixing in great clubs of their French country (Mistral – Aix en Provence, Plazza Madeleine – Paris, les Planches – Deauville, Palm Beach – Cannes…)

As for productions, they weren’t long to come, as they were soon contacted by the members of the mythic groupe called SUPERFUNK (“Lucky Star”) to compose a track entitled « Parisienne » (released on DJ Center Records in 2008). Next, they were proposed to remix and produce tracks for this same label, as well as for BOOM RANG Records.

The following year, they were proposed to do remixes for reknown producers such as D.O.N.S. (« Rollin Deep »), Stan Courtois (« Malosax »), Katherin Ellis (« I’m coming out »), or Journey’s famous , « Don’t Stop Believin », which enabled them to sign on other prestigious labels like KONTOR Records, POOL E MUSIC or Serial Records.

“Show Men” as they are, the KitSch 2.0. now travel round the world to give audiences their great LIVE mixes : from Paris to London, through Marakech or Miami, where they accompany Syke ‘n’ Sugarstarr, Tristan Garner, Avicii, Ian Carey, Chocolate Puma…even performing for Bob Sinclar’s warm-up !

Beginning 2011, a new production with DJ Lazz and the singer LLYNN C is released on Work Machine (Sebastien DRUMS’s label) : “No More” is played by numerous radios and DJs. The KitSch also start producing for singers such as Joanna Rays in France, Theory the New York rapper, or Craig Smart, the famous Canadian artist (« Summer Jam », « Week-end »…)

“Sugar In My Feet”, featuring Craig Smart and Theory, is signed on Kontor Records (Germany) , Napith (USA), Net’Works (Italy), Happy Music (France), creates an enormous buzz on the net with more than 250 000 views on Youtube !

Summer 2011 sees the release of a brand new project entitled “Millionaire”, featuring Theory and Luke Aster, on Space Party – MMC.

Stay tuned !

KitSch 2.0 Ft. Craig Smart & Theory – Sugar In My Feet