Electrixx – Ripple Tripple DJ Set (January 2012 Podcast)


1. REM – Losing my Religion (Axwell & Electrixx Mashup)
2. Zedd – Slam the Door
3. Far too loud – Megaloud
4. DJ Dank – Midnight Moroder (Darth, Vader Remix)
5. Electrixx – Some Beats
6. Sandro Silva & Quintino – Epic
7. Mord Fustang – We are connected
8. Avicii – Levels (FTampa Remix)
9. coming soon (Electrixx Remix)
10. Felguk & Dirtyloud – Nudge
11. Podcast feat Jay Jacob – Time to Party (FTampa Remix)
12. Bruno Barudi feat. Steklo – Fly Away (Electrixx Remix)
13. Fast Foot – Space Man (Soulfix & Melting Man Remix)
14. The S -Big Red Planet (Electrixx edit)


We could write on and on about chart ranks, releases and other unnecessary info, but that is just the boring shit that you don’t really care about. So let’s get straight to the point. Electrixx was founded in 2003 on a drunken binge in Berlin with the motto: let us fuck the world. Quite frankly, they’ve been doing that with their mind blowing swell of nasty, hardcore electro beats ever since. With over 12,000 fans on social media sites Facebook and Twitter, they were voted as one of Beatport’s Best of 2009. In Brazil, where they’ve been played to audiences of over 15,000–they were voted best Electro/Techno Act of 2010.
With an artist’s busy schedule of sex, drugs, and music, you can’t expect them to be able to sit down and handle the mundane task of writing a musician biography. What is it about Electrixx that you don’t know all ready? Maybe it’s that their first release “Frequenzstörung” sold out in less then a week, that their chart-destroying single “Tetris” was the theme song to the film ‘Step Up’ and part of Tiesto’s Kaleidoscope Tour? That there are more then 100 singles released by Electrixx, and every single of them has at least broken the top 20 of any selling charts?
Or possibly it’s just this simple fact: That anytime Electrixx is on the lineup, the audience is guaranteed to an amazing live act to entice their senses both musically and visually.
2011 will be an action packed year with the promise of many international shows, including the upcoming world tour called “The Darkside of the Discoball”. The new show will be a live act, based around the dirty electro beats that Electrixx is known for. It will include a complete personalized LED stage that will be controlled by Electrixx themselves. This will be a must see event! This tour will be connected to Electrixx new live album, which is set to release in March of 2011. As a gift to their loyal fanbase, Electrixx will be giving 10,000 CDs away. Expect many re-edits of Electrixx classics, as well as unreleased music to develop this year as well.
It’s so hard to explain in words Electrixx plans for this year and we know you just don’t care about the words…you want the music. In the past few years, Electrixx has become a force within the EDM scene with over 160 live shows in 2010; they’ve reached the mind and bodies of over one million people and flown almost 500,000 miles in the past two years.
2011 is your year to be part of Electrixx. It’s your choice, with their extraordinary sound and performance, they are here to stay—whether you like it or not.

Electrixx – Some Beats (Original Mix)