Ego & Sweekuh

A cross between hip hop and dirty house with a whole lot of bass to face, his music is definitely pumping and when dropped in a club can blow the fuck out of the whole place.

Ego’s influences are prominent in his music, a touch of Laidback Luke’s rawness, Chuckie’s catchiness and Girl Talk’s intrigue, throw in Ego-filled creativity and you got yourself a recipe for success.

It seems today that most dj’s just crossfade one song to another with machine like attitudes and hope the crowd likes it. Zach Cwieka works to be everything but a robotic music machine, because thats what iPods are for. He has been djing since 2009 and loves everything about music. Starting in sixth grade playing guitar in a band, music has been a part of Zachs life ever since. Because of his involvement in school band as well as rock bands, music creation and production are a key part to Zach Cwieka’s sets. Zach believes that a dj is not a robotic iPod but a musician as well as a performer. He works to inspire crowds and to bring them the best possible experience. This work ethic has landed Zach in front of his peers in various ways gaining the attention of The Glitch Mob, US Dubstep, David Heartbreak, and DJ Chuckie. He is working to bring his music to the masses as his life progresses and aspires to be not only the worlds best DJ, but a performer, musician, and entertainer.

Ego & Sweekuh – Internet Stars In Paris