Droid Beats

Since the year 2006 it was clear Moscoso had a natural talent for the arts. Being brought up around the soulful synths of EDM it was only natural that his production remain on the same path. Under the alias Ponchoz, Michael began his journey at New York City’s Well known club, “Europa” in 2008 and has been crowd pleasing ever since. A year later, he was reinvented as the “Classic Local Favorite” we know and love, Droid Beats. As of now his talent, passion, & love for production in (House,Electro,Trance,Hardstyle) continues to grow and has shared his ability to rock the floor on lineups with DJs and Producers such as :: Rob Gee, Frankie Bones, X-Dream, How Hard, Breakfast, Lenny Dee, Anthony Nero, Neophyte, Showtek, Exodus, DJ.Dank, just to name a few.. since 2010 He has teamed up with the Hip Hop bread eMCee Voyce also known as MastaChief and as a duo they represent the best of both worlds and can guarantee you every night will be memorable.

Droid Beats – Its Over (Original Mix)